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IceCube Acronym Dictionary


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"Inside Story: Searching for physics down below" July 2007 CERN Courier

"The IceCube prototype string in Amanda" Science Direct online article Jan 2006 PDF file

"New Neutrino Telescope for South Pole" Berkeley Lab Research News

"First critical parts of giant neutrino telescope in place"

"IceCube - One hole done, 79 more to go"

"LBNL Team Takes Software to the End of the Earth" LBNL CRD Report


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A New Window on the Universe

Ice Fishing for Neutrinos

IceCube Acronym Dictionary

Antartctic Thanksgiving: IceCube Blog from a Pole trip by Berkeley Lab Scientists and Engineers


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What is light and energy?

What are neutrinos?

More on subatomic particles

IceCube will provide insight into current astrophysical research such as gamma ray bursts, supersymmetric particles, and the nature of dark matter.