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Presentations - Scientific / Technical

The following three reports were presented at the 2007 International Cosmic Ray Conference in Merida, Mexico:

Effect of the improved data acquisition system of IceCube on its neutrino-detection capabilities. PDF file

High pT muons in Cosmic-Ray Air Showers with IceCube. PDF file

IceCube Performance with Artificial Light Sources: the road to a Cascade Analyses + Energy scale calibration for EHE. PDF file

Studying High pT muons in Cosmic-Ray Air Showers was presented at the 14th ISVHECRI, WeiHai, China, August, 2006. PDF file

Thorsten Stetzelberger "IceCube DAQ Design & Performance" Nov 2005 PPT Presentation VLVnT2 Workshop, Catania

Gerald Przybylski "Clock Distribution for IceCube" Sept 2005 PPT Presentation University of Oxford

Azriel Goldschmidt "Entering the Kilometer Square Era" June 2004 PPT Presentation at LBNL

Howard Matis "IceCube at the South Pole" 2002 PPT Presentation SPIE Conference on Astrophysics


Presentations - Popular

Bill Edwards "Doing Science at the South Pole - Jr High Discovery Science Class" Jan 2006 PPT Presentation to Local Middle School Moraga, CA

Howard Matis "IceCube - A Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole" Nov 2005 PPT Presentation University of San Francisco Colloquium

Bob Stokstad "IceCube: The South Pole Telescope
in Search of Neutrinos"
March 2005 Berkeley Friends of Science 



Tom McCauley "UHE neutrinos: present and future" Jan 2006  IX Workshop on High Energy Physics Phenomenology Bhubaneswar, India PDF

Spencer Klein "First Results from IceCube" Oct 2005 PPT Presentation PANIC 2005 (Particles and Nuclei in Collisions) Santa Fe, NM  Paper: PDF

Bob Stokstad "Design & Performance of the IceCube Electronics" Sept 2005 PPT Presentation Heidelberg  Paper: PDF

Dimitry Chirkin "IceCube: Initial Performance 2005 PPT 29th International Cosmic Ray Conference Pune, India  Paper: PDF


Contributions to Nuclear Science Division Annual Report

The IceCube Project at LBNL PDF

Time calibration and functionality verification of the IceCube instrumentation PDF

A Digital Optical Module (DOM) Simulation for IceCube PDF